Hey there!

Thanks for wanting to become a promotion partner for Income Boss!
The great news is if you get selected as a partner to promote the program, you'll rest assured that you're promoting a fantastic course that your audience will love!

Here are the terms:

1 Year Cookie Period!
That means that for 365 days, you'll get credit for referring potential students!
30% Affiliate Commissions during Launch!
40% Affiliate Commissions when the course sells for full price!

How to promote?

You're welcome to promote the course through your blog, website, youtube channel, instagram, or email list.
If you don't yet have an audience, maybe you should join as a student here, and learn how to build one.

You're allowed to use paid ads to promote the course as well! The only keyword you're not allowed to use is "Income Boss" or "Johnny FD" as we'll be bidding on those terms and don't want to drive up the costs.

You're allowed to use any other keywords to bid including:

"make money with your blog"
"how to monetize your blog"
"how to monetize your website"
"how to build an online brand"
etc. etc.

How to sign up?

Currently the affiliate program is only open to existing students. Think of it as a refer a friend program with much better commissions.
If you aren't a member of the course but have a big email list or audience, and know you'll bring us a lot of paid students, we're happy to comp you an account! Just sign up as normal and if you refer 5 students during any month during your first 3 months, we'll refund you the cost of the course as a bonus and thank you.

Ready to sign up?

Just send us an email to [email protected] with the follow info.

1. Are you a paid student of Income Boss? Y/N

2. Your Full Name

3. The Email Address you used to sign up as a paid student.
4. Your website url
5. Any social media links
6. How you plan on promoting Income Boss